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Seri Niimi-Burch

Masters Student

Department of Food, Nutrition and Health

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Seri is a MSc candidate in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Black. Her research interests lie at the intersection of public health nutrition, food systems, and social justice. She is particularly interested in understanding root causes of hunger, food insecurity, and health disparities and how such issues may be effectively addressed through programs and policy in school and community settings. 

Originally from Hawaiʻi, Seri graduated with honors from Boston College in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and minor in Environmental Studies. She worked with FoodCorps, a US nonprofit organization that connects kids to healthy food through school gardens and nutrition education, as an educator and program coordinator for five years before starting her Master's degree at UBC. Seri is currently a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and works with the Public Health and Urban Nutrition research group on the evaluation of a nationally significant universal school lunch program in the New Westminster School District.