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Kelsey Cochrane

PhD Student

Department of Food, Nutrition and Health

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Kelsey is a Registered Dietitian currently working towards a PhD in Human Nutrition under the supervision of Dr. Karakochuk. Her research interests include developmental origins of disease, establishment of epigenetic marks, and optimization of maternal and infant diet. Her thesis research will examine supplementation of folic acid vs folate in low risk pregnant women. The aim is to determine if a natural form of folate (5-MTHF) is as effective as folic acid in increasing plasma and RBC folate concentrations during pregnancy, and to determine if supplementation with 5-MTHF results in lower plasma unmetabolized folic acid.

Kelsey graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition with distinction. She completed her dietetic internship with the Saskatoon Health Region, including research to develop a malnutrition screening tool for patients with IBD. Professional experience includes work as a clinical dietitian in pediatric nephrology, and most recently as the Saskatchewan territory manager for Nestle Maternal & Infant nutrition.