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Jennifer Vadeboncoeur


Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education

Faculty of Education

Dr. Jennifer Vadeboncoeur’s research examines the development of imagining and moral imagining in imaginative play, including how children initiate, maintain, and conclude imaginative play, as well as how they transition between imaginative play and other social practices. Building from previous critical ethnographic research the United States and Australia, she continues to work with young people and teachers in alternative programs, inquiring into the process of re-engagement, the contradictions of alternative programs, including the ways in which they both perpetuate inequity and create safe spaces, and the concept of moral imagining in student-teacher relationships. Upcoming research projects inquire into children’s and youths’ relations with nature.

Research Interests: Alternative Schooling and Pedagogies, Critical Theory, Discourse and Critical Discourse Analysis, Ethnography, Qualitative Research, Socially Constructing Knowledge and Identity, Sociocultural Approaches to Learning and Teaching, Young People Placed “At Risk”