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Michael Kobor

Edwin S.H. Leong UBC Healthy Aging Chair - A President's Excellence Chair

Department of Medical Genetics

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Michael Kobor is the Lead of the Social Exposome Cluster and The Edwin S.H. Leong UBC Chair in Healthy Aging - a UBC President’s Excellence Chair. He is also a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Social Epigenetics. He completed his PhD in Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto and postdoctoral training as a Human Frontier Science Program Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. Research in Dr. Kobor’s laboratory is focused on the epigenetic regulation of gene expression and genome function. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the mechanistic nature of these processes and their modulation by environmental exposures. Dr. Kobor’s research team utilizes an interdisciplinary approach, with investigations spanning the entire spectrum from model organisms to human populations. The overall goal of his research is to decipher the mechanisms by which environmental exposures and life experiences can “get under the skin” to regulate the activity of genes and contribute to human physiology and behaviour during the life course of an individual. 

Research interests: aging, epigenetics, high-dimensional data, molecular biology, biological embedding, child development