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Sarah Henderson

Associate Professor / Senior Scientist, Environmental Health Services, BC Centre for Disease Control

School of Population and Public Health

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Sarah Henderson started her career as an environmental engineer (BASc, UBC, 2000), working on pollution abatement and control. She switched her focus to environmental epidemiology (PhD, UBC, 2009) when she first became interested in the public health consequences of engineering decisions. Sarah joined the BCCDC in 2010. As the senior environmental health scientist at BCCDC, she leads a program of applied research and surveillance to support evidence-based policy for the province. This role requires her to be a generalist rather than a specialist, and her work spans a wide range of topics, including air pollution from all provincially relevant sources (wildfire smoke, residential woodsmoke, industry, road dust, shipping and vehicles), extreme weather events, radon gas, food safety, water quality and exposures managed by the Drug and Poison Information Centre (DPIC).

Research Interests: environmental health; public health; exposure assessment; environmental epidemiology