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Joy Richman


Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Joy Richman is a clinician scientist with a specialty in Pediatric Dentistry and a PhD in Developmental Biology. She is a professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry in Vancouver Canada and an active staff member at BC Children’s Hospital. Her research on craniofacial and tooth development is funded by the two national granting agencies of Canada, CIHR and NSERC as well as the NIDCR. Dr. Richman is one of 8 Associate Editors for the Journal of Dental Research (since 2010). Her primary duties are to edit papers in the areas of developmental biology, biomineralization and genetics. Thus she has in depth experience in how to communicate scientific findings in an effective manner. Dr. Richman uses animal models to study craniofacial abnormalities such as cleft lip (chicken embryos) and the secrets behind life-long tooth replacement in reptiles (lizards and snakes). Dr. Richman has authored over 80 scientific publications.