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Yvonne Lamers

Associate Professor

Department of Food, Nutrition and Health

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Dr. Yvonne Lamers holds the Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition and Vitamin Metabolism and leads the UBC Nutritional Biomarker Laboratory. Her research focuses on micronutrients and specifically B-vitamins and their kinetics and functions in human metabolism. B-vitamins are required for normal cell growth and neurological function and thus have an impact on human health from the embryo to the older adult. Low folate and/or vitamin B-12 status may yield pregnancy complications, low birth weight, cancer, and cognitive impairment.

The overarching theme of her research is micronutrient adequacy. Her current research projects focus on maternal-fetal nutrient dependency, periconceptional vitamin adequacy, and the role of maternal and infant nutrition on growth and cognitive development.

Research interests: micronutrients, B vitamins, folate, maternal-fetal health, child development, child health, brain outcomes, nutritional biomarkers