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Stuart Turvey


Department of Pediatrics

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Stuart Turvey is a Pediatrician at BC Children’s Hospital. His research program is translational, interdisciplinary and unique in its focus on understanding the role of innate immunity in infectious and inflammatory diseases of childhood. Starting with a population of children with a defined infectious or inflammatory disease phenotype (e.g., undue susceptibility to infection, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, asthma), he aims to determine the underlying cellular, molecular and genetic abnormalities responsible for the disease through detailed immunological, genomic and proteomic analysis. The new knowledge generated by this approach will aid diagnosis, elucidate mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and, ultimately, identify novel targets for anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious therapeutic agents.

Research interests: child health, gene-by-environment interactions, immunology, asthma, allergies, microbiome, inflammation