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Mahsa Jessri

Assistant Professor

Department of Food, Nutrition and Health

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Dr. Mahsa Jessri completed her PhD in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. Her research program is uniquely at the intersection of nutritional sciences and population and public health. The overarching goal of her research program is to provide the evidence-base and decision tools to inform nutritional guidelines and polices for reducing the burden of chronic diseases. Currently, Dr. Jessri’s program is focused on: Dietary pattern modelling and health and healthcare outcomes (with a focus on systems approach); Population health impact assessment of foods, nutrients, dietary habits and policy; Nutritional monitoring and population surveillance; Development of robust methods and strategies for addressing the challenges in assessment and analysis of complex dietary and lifestyle data; Design and development of personalized nutrition risk assessment tools

Research interests: nutritional and chronic disease epidemiology, dietary pattern modelling and health, dietary assessment, public and population health, data science