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Judith Hall

Professor Emerita

Department of Medical Genetics

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Judith Hall is a pediatrician and clinical geneticist who has used the unusual patient to study gene action, natural history, and the recognition of non-traditional mechanisms of genetic disease. She has emphasized the tissue-specific and time-specific nature of gene expression as well as the changes of gene expression during embryonic/fetal/childhood development. She enjoys synthesizing complex genetic information and communicates to all levels of audience.

Dr. Hall has held many leadership roles, including Presidency of the American Society of Human Genetics and the American Pediatrics Society, during which she reshaped their priorities and commitments. She has also been actively involved with the International Pediatirc Association for the last 15 years. She served on numerous national and international committees and boards and has received many honours for her scientific contributions and lifetime achievements, including the Order of Canada and Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada. Among her publications are summary reviews and articles that are considered classics, having introduced aspects of the new genetics. She has advocated for folic acid supplementation, pediatric physician resources, the development of specific disease health guidelines, and research on rare genetic disorders and natural history.

Research Interests: developmental origins of health and disease, birth defects, genetic disorders, folic acid, fetal and infant growth