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November 3, 2020

Trainee Research Day 2020

Take me to Research Day*

*All registered participants will receive a username and a password to attend Research Day. 

The second annual SEC Trainee Research Day will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 from 9am-12:30pm. This year, we encourage trainess from all four research themes to submit an abstract. The SEC is grateful to the SEC Trainee Steering Committee for organizing this event.

Thank you for those who have submitted an abstract! Abstract submission is now closed. Our SEC Trainee Steering Committee is working hard to finalize the list of speakers. Please complete the Registration below, if you would like to attend virtual Research Day.

If you are a faculty member or an affiliate faculty member, we hope that you will consider to be a volunteer adjudicator. If so, please indicate your interest in the Registration section. Registrations are now closed.

The goals of the Trainee Research Day are:

  • To showcase our talented trainees from the UBC Vancouver and Okanagan campuses as well as affiliate trainees
  • To create opportunities for trainees to spark innovative research avenues that involve all four SEC themes that affect child health and development:
    • Extrinsic Factors
    • Intrinsic Responses
    • Technological Development
    • Policies and Interventions
  • To offer an opportunity for trainees to gain knowledge translation experience

Trainee Research Day 2020 will consist of pre-research day poster presentations, oral presentations, a keynote speaker, and an awards ceremony. Awards will be provided for the best poster and oral presentations from the master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral fellowship levels. See more details about awards below.

Invitation from SEC Trainee Steering Committee

Hey trainees!

Even though this year looks a little different, we are thrilled to invite you to submit your work to the virtual SEC Trainee Research Day 2020. This is a great opportunity to share your research among the SEC community, get some feedback on your presentation skills, and possibly win some prize money! The Social Exposome Cluster represents a wide-range of research areas, so we encourage trainees from all research themes to submit an abstract.

Thanks and hope to see you (online) there!

– SEC Trainee Steering Committee

Kelsey Cochrane
Randip Gill
Dr. Maria Aristizabal

photo of Kelsey Cochrane

photo of Randip Gill

photo of dr. maria aristizabal

Registration and Abstract Submission

All Research Day presenters and attendees must register. Please also complete the Abstract Submission section if you would like to submit an abstract.

Award Adjudicators

If you are a SEC faculty member or affiliate member, we hope that you will consider to be an award adjudicator. A short rubric will be provided to adjudicators. Each session will be adjudicated by more than one volunteer. 

To adjudicate poster presentations, you will have one week prior to Trainee Research Day to complete your rubrics. To adjudicate oral presentations, you will attend trainees' oral presentations on Research Day.

If you are interested in being a volunteer adjudicator, please indicate in the registration form above, after you have selected that you are a faculty member or an affiliate faculty member. Thank you!

Poster Presentations

Jordie Fischer 
Title: “Anemia prevalence and severity among women of reproductive age in rural Cambodia”

Melody Salehzadeh
Title: “Evidence for a local HPA axis homolog in neonatal mouse immune organs”

Emily Barr
Title: “Biological embedding of childhood adversity through the epigenome”

Karilyn Harris
Title: “The impact of prenatal stress on newborns' epigenetic profile and brain morphology”

Helena Brendler
Title: “Prenatal alcohol exposure in BXD embryonic mice induces histone and apoptosis-related chromatin changes in a strain-dependent manner”

Samantha Schaffner
Title: “Multi-omic integration reveals epigenetic mechanisms of environmental neuroprotection in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease”

Instructions and guidelines for poster presenters

We have a few instructions and guidelines that we’d like you to please follow—

  1. Record your poster presentation audio recordings in PowerPoint. This should not exceed 3 minutes. You can create your recording by narrating a single slide in PowerPoint by following the instructions from Microsoft for either Windows or macOS.
  2. These recordings should only include a single slide, similar in construction to what a printed conference poster would look like. There should not be animations or zooming in or out in your presentation.
  3. Your poster should be accompanied by an audio recording only. Do no use video.
  4. Font size on the poster should be a minimum of 14 point. Tip: Sans-Serif (e.g. Arial or Calibri) fonts have increased readability compared to Serifs (e.g. Times New Roman).
  5. Optional: You may choose to use the laser pointer function in your presentation recording to direct the viewer’s attention, if you wish.
  6. Optional: You are welcome to construct your poster using software outside of PowerPoint, and then import the image into PowerPoint to narrate and submit as a PowerPoint file.
What you will submit
  1. The PowerPoint file of your poster with recording
  2. A pdf file of your PowerPoint presentation
Where to submit your posters
When to submit your posters
  • Submit your posters by Monday, October 19, midnight.
Where will your posters be found virtually
  • You posters will be on a password-protected webpage in the SEC website, beginning on October 27. A generic password will be distributed to people who have signed up for Research Day.

Feel free to submit any other questions you have about the poster presentations to us and we’ll be happy to clarify.

Oral Presentations

Jordan Hamden
Title “Isoflurane stress greatly increases local corticosterone levels in lymphoid organs of neonatal mice: analysis using LC-MS/MS”

JuHee Oh
Title: “Signaling pathways connect nutrient sensing, metabolism and function in primary T cells”

Maggie Fu
Title: “Identify the epigenetic signatures of pediatric rare diseases with DNA methylation reference sets”

Hannah-Ruth Engelbrecht
Title: “DNA methylation in response to HIV exposure in utero

Gian Carlo Diluvi
Title: “Reliable statistical inference with complex, heterogeneous data”

Carly Magee
Title: “Cumulative risk of schizophrenia spectrum conditions among adolescents in B.C. and associations with neighbourhood income, gender and family migration background”

Kimberly Thomson
Title: “Examining the impact and inequities of the COVID-19 pandemic on family mental health in Canada”

Katerina Rnic
Title “Emotion regulation predicts diurnal cortisol during COVID-19”

Ellen Jopling
Title: “Internalizing symptoms and stress in youth during COVID-19”

Brock Williams
Title: “Detectable unmetabolized folic acid, and sufficient folate and vitamin B12 concentrations are evident in Canadian children with sickle cell disease”


Please prepare your presentations to be 6-7 minutes in length. 

Keynote Presentation

The SEC is honoured to welcome Dr. Brett Finlay, Professor in the Michael Smith Laboratories, and the Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Microbiology and Immunology at the University of British Columbia. He is also the co-author of the books Let Them Eat Dirt and The Whole Body Microbiome.

Dr. Finlay will be presenting:

  1. The microbiome, and its role early life
  2. The microbiome later in life and how we can benefit from it
The Trainee Research Day 2020 will be virtual. The virtual link will be made available to registered participants prior to the event.
Award amounts are eligible for professional development opportunities only. Amounts are reimbursed for eligible expenses such as conference registration fees and workshop fees. 
Best Poster Presentation Awards
  • Master’s Level: $500
  • Doctoral Level: $500
  • Postdoctoral Level: $500
Best Oral Presentation Awards
  • Master’s Level: $500
  • Doctoral Level: $500
  • Postdoctoral Level: $500
Feedback Survey Draw
  • All feedback survey participants: $300
Important Dates

September 2, 2020     Registration opens
September 2, 2020     Opening abstract submissions
September 2, 2020     Call for adjudicators 
September 25, 2020   Deadline for abstract submissions
September 25, 2020   Final day to submit your interest to adjudicate 
October 5, 2020          Oral and poster presentations announced/finalized
October 5, 2020          Adjudicators are contacted
October 19, 2020        Deadline for poster presentations + 3 min recordings
October 19, 2020        Registration closes
October 27, 2020        Poster presentations available online
November 3, 2020      SEC Trainee Research Day 2020


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