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Dr. Kobor and Dr. van Jaarsveld win a Peter Wall Research Roundtable Award!

September 20, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Kobor and Dr. Danielle van Jaarslveld, Co-leads of the Social Exposome Cluster, for winning an International Research Roundtable Award from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies! The funding will be used to host a 3-day workshop at UBC titled : The Social Exposome in Child Health and Development: Advancing Research and Partnerships to Reduce Inequalities in Canada. The roundtable will bring together researchers, experts in policy, and relevant NGOs and community groups with the goals to: 1) review and synthesize current research on the social determinants of child health and development and current policies and interventions to address them; 2) catalyse research collaborations to facilitate new, interdisciplinary research directions that will advance the field and lead to new funding opportunities, 3) identify interventions and policies that should be the priority for advancement and make concrete next steps towards implementation; 4) with the help of knowledge dissemination experts, outline a plan for knowledge translation aimed at raising awareness and support for policy change.

The workshop will be heald in January 2020 and will enable diverse national and international experts to convene at UBC. See here for more information about the Research Rooundtable award 

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