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UNICEF Report Card 15

UNICEF's 15th report card

An Unfair Start Inequality in Children’s Education in Rich Countries

Unicef's Report Card series evaluates the health and well-being of children living in industrialized countries. We compare these countries because they have similar resources and capacity but achieve very different outcomes for children. To date, UNICEF has produced 15 report cards, targeted to a wide variety of audiences, and with a focus on academic rigour. The Canadian Companian to the Report Card distils and interprets the Report Cards with a focus on the Canadian context.

The current Canadian Companion to the 15th report card indicates that children in Canada spend their early years with unequal access to preschool. They start school with wide gaps in their skills, but between primary and secondary school the gap in reading achievement gets smaller compared to other rich countries, and most young people are thinking about further education. Migrant children also tend to do well in Canadian schools. But some children are more likely to be at the bottom of the education gap including boys, Indigenous children and children with disabilities.